January 31, 2013

13 Week Countdown

  Embroidery is cool. It's relaxing after a long day. Last week, within a two hour period, the toilet flooded, and the freezer went out leaving me to cook as much as I could to save our supplies. That was the last straw. I was ready to put my feet up and enjoy some peace and quiet.

 A few days before all the chaos, I found a couple flannels on sale perfect for new baby blankets. (As you can guess by the picture, we are having a girl.)  Before sewing the blankets, I decided to add some embroidery detail around the flowers. There's something about working with my hands, especially with knitting and embroidery, that helps the stress of a hectic day melt away.

 Last night while I was trying to fall asleep, it occurred to me the baby is due in just 13 weeks. I've lost track recently. I guess life is busy with three toddlers. Maybe I won't get everything finished I have planned, but at least there will be plenty of cute blankets!

January 24, 2013

Have to Start Somewhere

 For weeks it sat neglected in the garage, unused. Alone. Waiting.

  Until my patient mother-in-law came and gave me a lesson on threading it. Now my serger, a cherished Christmas present, is being put to use. I still can't believe my mother-in-law gave me her serger. When I took off the bow, I just sat staring at it and smiling. Although it's a little intimidating, I'm slowly learning it's ins and outs. And I'm excited about all the possibilities. 

 First up on the list was this skirt, made from some Anna Maria Horner fabric I have been saving in  my stash for several years. Originally it was an apron for a friend. I love this print. Perfect for a winter skirt with a pair of leggings. 

 I picked up a couple patterns that I am anxious to try. I'll keep you posted on any progress. 

January 17, 2013

Your Order's Ready

 A new baby = a new nursing cover. Only this one is not for me. I'll be using the same one I used with our last baby made from some great, bright Amy Butler fabric. This cover goes to a friend of my sister-in-law, who requested something appropriate for a baby boy.

 Maybe I should make a new one for myself to keep in the car for when we are out and about and the other readily accessible at home. Although I'm not sure I need another excuse to look at fabric!

January 14, 2013

Let's go to Alberta

Alberta Street is one of my favorite places to visit in Portland. It's shops are tucked into a neighborhood full of cool, older homes with lots of character. We always stop in Grasshopper, the toy and handmade children's clothing store.

Next door is a great dress and clothing/ accessories boutique called Tumbleweed. In the window hangs a sign saying, "Wear more dresses." I love the owner's sense of style and decor, including the shop's finished plywood floors warmed by large antique rugs, the chippy furniture, velvet chairs and chandeliers. Sometimes I want to pack it all home with me. Excuse the blurry photos, but you get the idea.

Then we walk a few blocks down to Bolt to check out fabric, before ducking in next door at the yarn shop. It's always a treat to go, even for a short time, and get inspired to come home and create something of my own. 

January 8, 2013


For those of you who have tried to leave comments on this blog, thank you! I've heard from friends and family that the comment board hasn't been working. It seems to be in working order, so please, let me know if you are able to reach me! Thanks.

I found this photo and thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have a footrest like this to put my feet up while nursing the new baby?" I usually prop them up on my large exercise ball, which is great, but not quite as classy. Better get to brainstorming. I'm compiling a list of things I want to do/make before this new one arrives in May. Like recovering the glider rocking chair, and hand-stenciling some onesies. I'd like to try to knit something new. And get a few rooms painted...

January 4, 2013

New Year Resolutions

  Last week we heard a radio talk show discussing whether or not it's beneficial to make New Year's Resolutions. Some argued that setting goals was helpful for the first weeks following the New Year, but by the next year those who, for instance, planned on losing weight, found they had actually gained weight in the end. Not very encouraging reports.

  Last year I made a list I posted on the fridge, hoping it would be a good reminder. I only kept about a quarter of them.  So while I still intend on making a list this year, I want this one to be short and sweet. Instead of 10 things I want to change, maybe keep it to three. More realistic.

 No doubt most of you caught that I said I still intend on making the list. I haven't yet. Maybe not the best start. I have been busy taking care of some pretty sick little ones the past two weeks. But I have a mental list started, including getting our homeschool station organized.

 Ever since I started feeling sick with this pregnancy, I have been lazy about keeping all our papers organized. Since I found out about two weeks into the school year, there is a lot of loose paperwork.

 Today, while we sat doing our work for the day, I grabbed the mounting pile nagging me and got them organized and stashed. In under one hour. What else can I do around here in under an hour? I like to clean, but I don't enjoy organizing spaces like the laundry room and medicine cabinet. I wish I could hire someone to come in and do it for me. That would be awesome. But not in the budget. What we can afford is a trip to Ikea for some storage solutions. Maybe that would make the whole process more exciting. Maybe...

 For now I deeply appreciate this one small chore I can cross off the list. 

Happy New Year!