June 27, 2013


 I love it when friends travel cross-country for a visit. We get to explore Portland, eat good food, look at pretty shops. And when I get to bring along a good baby who lets us enjoy our time out, it's a win-win. 

Showers from the Baby Shower

  Our first stop was Alberta street, where we shared our traditional  Monte Cristo sandwich  (which we have been dreaming about since the first time we had it two years ago,) and Polenta patties with Eggs Benedict and sauteed mushroom and kale.

 After we checked out some favorite shops along Alberta, we headed to Rejuvenation, and stumbled upon a store called Buy Unique Things.

   And then for an evening in, we devoured an amazing Indian dinner made while chatting together in the kitchen. I haven't told her yet, but if my friend keeps spoiling me like this I don't think I'll let her leave. I just have to contrive a way to keep her here!

June 19, 2013

Summer Style

 Recently I went shopping for clothes to suit my postpartum body. Most of what filled the racks wasn't exactly my style. Which led me to an online hunt for sewing ideas to create my own wardrobe. I'm looking for practical, non-frumpy mommy style. Like this outfit. I'm also a huge fan of her office space.

 I've been learning how to read patterns, and like the idea of coming up with my own even better.

 Now I have to find great apparel fabric at a good price. Any ideas?

June 13, 2013

Welcome Baby!

 Hello! I haven't had a chance to post here in a while. We welcomed our new little girl home four weeks ago and have been loving getting to know her. She is precious. Her siblings are completely smitten.

 Slowly life is resuming our old routine. Somewhat. In between nursing and changing diapers. It's  a whole new experience with four. In some ways, less challenging than three. Three was a tough adjustment for me. But I feel like we don't have any other option but to keep moving with this new pace. We usually just take things one day at a time, and try to absorb all the beauty of these first days together. Here's a glimpse at life the last few weeks. 

One of four baby skirts I made

Old friends

Little helpers bringing in the mail

Getting back in the kitchen for some yummy spicy red lentil soup
  And the beat goes on. We always do best on days following a full night's rest, but I try to remember this is a short season and I'm grateful for every moment.