July 31, 2014

Little Offerings

 There is so much going on the world right now that needs our prayers and sacrifices (Colossians 1:24.) So much pain, loss and suffering.

  I was just reading an article about Sarah, a pregnant mother who died yesterday from multiple bee stings.  And it made me hold my nursing baby closer, and shower her golden hair with extra kisses. I'm grateful for the time I have with my family and loved ones. I try not to take any of it for granted. Please keep Sarah, her husband, and her four children in your prayers.

 Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary. We had a slow, relaxing dinner gathered around the creaking table. It sounds like home.
 From the table we looked out at one of our raised garden beds where a delphinium and a sunflower are growing, both of which we did not plant. It's funny because I meant to plant sunflowers this year, but never got a chance, and the birds must have known and dropped a seed from the feeder we hung in the corner of the garden. We watch the sunflower follow the sun first east, then at midday it stretches straight and tall, and by dinner it's facing  west. So simple and beautiful. It's just another reminder to me to smile more and grow impatient less.

July 16, 2014

Summer has Begun

 It's officially summer. It's hot and we just finished school (mostly) for the year, so that makes it official. I'm loving the slower pace. June was a whirlwind of company and hosting and camping and fun. But to be honest, I'm ready to slow down a bit and relax. I have plans to sew and hike and work out in our much neglected garden.  

  On my birthday, we made a trip to the Portland Rose Garden. I try to go every June when the flowers are perfectly in bloom. 

  These artists make me wish I could draw. Dang it. I've come to accept it's not where my talent lies. Let's just be honest!

 One of my favorite birthday gifts was this act of service from my father-in-law. He put up the bead board I've been planning for the kitchen. Thanks, Gramps!

  I know this is random, but I had to share these flowers from the garden. The top photo is a flower my neighbor gave me from his garden last year. They are so vibrant and amazing. The second pic is of the limelight hydrangeas my hubby got for my birthday our first year in our new home. So, I guess this isn't random. It's all about flowers and birthday gifts!

I hope you guys are enjoying some sun and good times with family and friends. Ahh, summer. Please, stay a while. We've missed you!