January 4, 2013

New Year Resolutions

  Last week we heard a radio talk show discussing whether or not it's beneficial to make New Year's Resolutions. Some argued that setting goals was helpful for the first weeks following the New Year, but by the next year those who, for instance, planned on losing weight, found they had actually gained weight in the end. Not very encouraging reports.

  Last year I made a list I posted on the fridge, hoping it would be a good reminder. I only kept about a quarter of them.  So while I still intend on making a list this year, I want this one to be short and sweet. Instead of 10 things I want to change, maybe keep it to three. More realistic.

 No doubt most of you caught that I said I still intend on making the list. I haven't yet. Maybe not the best start. I have been busy taking care of some pretty sick little ones the past two weeks. But I have a mental list started, including getting our homeschool station organized.

 Ever since I started feeling sick with this pregnancy, I have been lazy about keeping all our papers organized. Since I found out about two weeks into the school year, there is a lot of loose paperwork.

 Today, while we sat doing our work for the day, I grabbed the mounting pile nagging me and got them organized and stashed. In under one hour. What else can I do around here in under an hour? I like to clean, but I don't enjoy organizing spaces like the laundry room and medicine cabinet. I wish I could hire someone to come in and do it for me. That would be awesome. But not in the budget. What we can afford is a trip to Ikea for some storage solutions. Maybe that would make the whole process more exciting. Maybe...

 For now I deeply appreciate this one small chore I can cross off the list. 

Happy New Year!

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