November 7, 2013

Montessori and Sewing

 It happens every year about this time. The "rain, rain, rain comes down, down, down" in Washington, and my thoughts naturally turn to gifts I plan to make for Christmas and kids' birthdays. It helps me get excited for the cosy, gray months ahead. 

I've just cast on a new knitting project, and I'm thankful for Facebook, which connected me with more experienced knitters who could help me solve a beginner's dilemma. Making gifts inspires me to try new things, like cabling, in this case. 
 But as often happens with young artists in the house, my four year old grabbed the needles this morning and tried to pick up where I left off. We relocated the knitting to a safer, higher location, and grabbed this project for Lu. 

I cut a piece of burlap to fit inside an embroidery hoop, and threaded a plastic needle (from their lace card set) with scrap yarn I had. This way Lu can start learning the basics of sewing safely, and with confidence. Once she gets the hang of it, we plan on sketching designs she can sew or embroider. And my knitting project is safer. 

How do you settle in for winter?