January 24, 2013

Have to Start Somewhere

 For weeks it sat neglected in the garage, unused. Alone. Waiting.

  Until my patient mother-in-law came and gave me a lesson on threading it. Now my serger, a cherished Christmas present, is being put to use. I still can't believe my mother-in-law gave me her serger. When I took off the bow, I just sat staring at it and smiling. Although it's a little intimidating, I'm slowly learning it's ins and outs. And I'm excited about all the possibilities. 

 First up on the list was this skirt, made from some Anna Maria Horner fabric I have been saving in  my stash for several years. Originally it was an apron for a friend. I love this print. Perfect for a winter skirt with a pair of leggings. 

 I picked up a couple patterns that I am anxious to try. I'll keep you posted on any progress. 

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