February 27, 2013

Challenge Accepted: Learning how to Read a Pattern

 I'm a visual, hands-on kind of learner. That's why I've been intimidated to follow more than basic patterns in the entire eight or nine years I have been sewing. I've kept it very simple and did not venture far outside my comfort zone. I'd rather have someone show me how to follow the pattern, or draft a pattern of my own. Up until now, that's basically what I have been doing.  I've learned a lot, but lately I've been wanting to challenge myself a bit more and make some maternity and children's clothing.

 As soon as I put on this tunic I made from the  New Look 6725 pattern, I was proud and thankful I tried something new. For the material I chose a red linen. I even wore it to Church Sunday with a black long sleeved shirt under it, and black leggings and boots. It's exciting wearing something you made with your own hands.

 Believe me, it took some effort getting from start to finish. And some answered prayers. But it's finished!

 It inspired me to share some sewing terms basics you need to get started, which, even patterns  intended for beginners expect you to know without much of an explanation.  Hopefully sharing my mistakes and victories can help. Stay tuned!

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