February 16, 2013

Playing Dress Up

We've owned a lot of the same furniture since the first year or two we were married. Living in Steubenville was a great spot to find antiques on a newly wed budget. One early purchase was this stool, which has resided in several kitchens over the past seven years. 

It gets a lot of good use with my little kitchen sous chefs perched on top, next to the counter, helping me cook and bake. 
Lately I've been wanting to change it up a bit, so I grabbed some leftover drop-cloth material I used to make Christmas stockings, and made a little cover to go over the top.

 And if little helping hands get some smudges on it, I can easily wash and/or bleach it. Just a little change to dress things up. I'm still contemplating spray painting the legs, but for now, I'm content.