February 20, 2013


 Like many of you who have been sick multiple times this year, we are sick yet again. My head is just beginning to clear enough for me to make coherent sentences. Two days ago my six year old told me he didn't understand what I was saying. To which I replied, "Neither do I. I think I shouldn't even be talking right now."

 Each day we have been getting a little better, and yesterday we even made it out to enjoy the warmth from a February sun. I soaked in lots of Vitamin D. When I came back in to make dinner, I thought how being sick makes me appreciate little things I take for granted on normal days. Like being able to talk. And breath. To laugh with someone or at yourself. To clean the dishes without having to take a break.

To bring in crisp sheets off the line and fold piles of laundry (which are patiently waiting to be put away when I have a burst of energy.)

And enjoy beautiful sunsets at 5:40 p.m., instead of an hour earlier.

Every day is full of simple pleasures and moments of God's grace. Go enjoy them! 

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