April 6, 2011

Laundry Tuesdays, or Maybe Wednesday

   I like some routine to keep things somewhat in order around here.  Tuesday's chores are clean the bathrooms and put away Monday's clean and folded laundry. Here is the thing. Sometimes I am still washing and folding on Wednesday morning. That was the case today, and I dreaded putting away piles of laundry. Never has been my favorite task. Ask my sister who shared a room with me in college. She took it upon herself to be our laundry girl when the hamper could not hold another sweatshirt. I miss those piles of clean clothes that would mysteriously appear on my bed. Alas, these days it is my job.
   But this afternoon, faced with another week's worth of clean clothes and a voice in the back of my head reminding me that I am trying to abstain from complaining during the season of Lent (will it last?), I picked up my little boy's white button down dress shirt and thought, "How is he so big?" Time flies. All too soon, the kids will have grown and I will miss folding all the little baby clothes.
   So today I tried to be grateful, not only for the babies who get these clothes dirty, but for the people who gave them to us. I realized most of the things in the piles were hand-me-downs or gifts. Instead of dreading another warm load from the dryer, I tried to say a prayer for everyone who shared outfits with us. And I was grateful that it was the LAST load in the dryer! Almost there!!!

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