April 8, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Beautiful sun! Long lost friend of mine. How we have missed you!

We savored every moment today by getting out to work on the yard. Mostly we are prepping everything to make a clean canvas for planting next month. The highlights of the day included rescuing a butterfly from the kitchen and planting a blossoming cherry tree in the front yard. All the ivy around the lamp post is uprooted and we spray painted the gold black.  I keep plugging away at the weeds, one section at a time. I even exchanged my sweater for a short sleeved shirt. Hello bare arm! It's been awhile.
The less favorable moments included my two year old digesting half a worm. She has no fear of any bug, slimy or not. In some ways I admire her, but there is a limit. I don't know where she gets it; I often run from bees or move to a new gardening section to avoid large spiders. But daddy assures me she will be fine!

And we called it quits when my son accidentally put this hole in the screen door. Does anyone know a cheap, "presto chango" way to fix this? A good excuse to learn another first thing.

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