April 25, 2011

First Attempt at Apple Pie

Happy Easter! I hope you had a great day celebrating and maybe relaxing. We are looking forward to the next fifty days of feasting during this Easter season!

We had a fairly quiet time around here. After Church Matt and I cooked while the kids took their nap. And then I rolled up my sleeves to bake my first pie! I had a lot of fun, although at moments I was working up a nervous sweat. "Am I working the dough too much? Hmm...just a bit more. The recipe says the butter should be about the size of peas."

I refrigerated the dough in plastic wrap for about half an hour (I know it should be at least an hour, but I was in a hurry!) and then set it out to let it adjust to room temperature. After sprinkling flour on the counter, I rolled it out. Here is where I got nervous. My edges were breaking and uneven, and the dough started sticking to the counter. I rolled it out, stuck it back together here and there, folded it in half, and laid it inside my buttered pie pan. After I unfolded it, I put in my apple filling and repeated the same process of rolling and folding/unfolding for the top crust. Hey, this is my first time. I was not focused on presentation, just taste. It turned out alright. The dough was maybe a bit thick and doughy, and I will concentrate more on the apples next time (more apples, more sugar needed.) But all in all, a pat on the back for trying and enjoy!

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