November 30, 2012

Gift Series Part 1

I've been busy working on Christmas gifts for family and friends.  Here's an easy gift for toddlers that can be finished in a couple hours. This little guy goes to my nephew.

 Now don't laugh at my lion's head, it should have been more round. You can adjust your shape. I say no matter what, it has character. 

 I found the idea online, and already had the ribbon, terry cloth, felt, and stuffing. To make a lion for someone on your list, cut out two round (ahem) pieces of terry cloth. Use brown felt for the nose and eyes, and sew them onto the front of one piece. I used my triple stitch setting on my sewing machine to make a smile. 

 Choose an assortment of ribbons for the mane. Cut them into various lengths ranging from about three to five inches. Lay your lion out in the following order: terry cloth right side up, ribbons folded in half with the loop toward the inside center and the raw edge facing the outer edge of the terry cloth, and the face of the lion right side down. Pin all the ribbons in place.

 Sew carefully as you go along, making sure to catch all the layers. Leave an opening about two inches wide. Trim the edges of the ribbon that stick out beyond the edge of the terry cloth, and turn your lion inside out.

 Stuff the lions head tightly, and hand sew the opening. You will need to sew the remaining ribbons from the open spot by hand. Just fold the ribbon in half, tuck the raw edges inside your lion, stitch them in, and finish the closing. You're finished! Cross that one of your list.

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