September 3, 2011

Needed: Kitchen Help

Have you heard of choosing your home decor and paint colors based on your wardrobe? My favorite go to outfits are usually comfy and feminine, simple with a splash of color, and a mix of new and vintage. These days the closet is mainly full of blues, raspberries, and creams with hints of green, gray, brown, black, and burnt orange. In other words, I stick to a fairly neutral, warm color scheme that I spruce up with a bolder accent. Like a raspberry vintage skirt paired with a navy blue tee.
 Yes, we have been painting around here. The main living areas and full bath remain. For our back room we chose a light gray (Paper White by Benjamin Moore.) Next on the list is the kitchen. Because we are operating on a small budget, we have to work with the existing floors and counters. That means the cabinets and walls have to match browns, grays, and blues. Originally, I thought this blue would be fun.

But after holding large samples of blue against the cabinets, I am not crazy about it. It looks dated in my kitchen and I think I might get tired of it. These are several of my other favorites: 

                                                                          Country Living



 I'm trying to find some photos of two of my favorites I've saved to share with you soon. In the meantime, I would love your input. Next week I'll show you our kitchen photos to see the space I'm remaking.


  1. I love all the pictures that you have picked out! I would have to say that picture one is my favorite but I am not too sure I like the wall color with how they have the rest of the kitchen decorated. Picture two is my second favorite!!
    Hopefully, real soon we are going to paint our cabinets white for something different in our kitchen.
    Can't wait to see the kitchen in the remaking! Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the advice Nat! Although we haven't whipped out the brushes yet, I think we might use the Gray Cashmere for the walls. The base cabinets would then be a lighter shade of the wall color, and our top cabinets would be cream.

    I hope you get to paint your cabinets soon. We should have a painting party!