September 13, 2011

Kitchens Part II

Being a mom means being flexible. Take this week for instance. I just finished rearranging the kids' rooms this week only to discover the need to change things again. Our nine month old needs her own room so she ( and by she I mean the entire family) can sleep better through the night. The solution? Bunk beds. We own a three bedroom home, which means the older two will be sharing and the baby will move from our room into her own. Until we need to change things again, that is.

One more thing about being flexible. I intended to share photos of our kitchen, but those pics are patiently waiting on my laptop which is sitting in a shop. Until they return, check out this kitchen. The paint on the top set of cabinets (Gray Cashmere by Benjamin Moore) is one of my top picks so far. In our space it looks like a blue, gray, green. It's interesting.


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