January 27, 2014

Catching Up

 We were recently away on a business trip, and I read an article about getting rid of 100 things over a weekend. When I got home we had beautiful, sunny weather that clearly showed all the clutter that has accumulated in our home following the holidays and sick days, I thought, "I need to try that."
 It was kind of exciting raiding all the closets, bedrooms, and kitchen and ruthlessly eliminating things from our stash. If your husband is a pack rat, you might want to start while he's at work. Just make sure you don't take anything too important without asking. I'm just sayin'. In the course of one afternoon, I filled a large box and four paper bags to donate. It felt awwweSOME!!! Totally worth the effort.

 If you need a little boost, pour yourself a yummy cup of strong tea and get to work. Still not motivated? Start with one room, one closet, or one drawer. Or fill a box. Set a time limit. Once you get going, it's sort of addicting. 
For me, the incentive was getting the indoors in order, so that in spring I can focus on a garage sale to clear the garage and spend some serious time in the yard. 


  1. That is truly inspiring, Jess! I so, so need to do this after Xmas and 2 recent birthdays. We're drowning in stuff. I'll let you know how it goes :)

  2. Yes! Please do. Just don't let the kids watch you hand over all the bags to the donation center or you might have to turn the car around to take some things back. Just a thought.