December 6, 2013

Gift Making Series Part I- Felt Food

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas! We are loving our first (almost) winter snow! The kids are pink nosed, chasing snowflakes and loving every minute of it. Even Baby Evelyn watches from the window and smiles. It's magical. Just like this season. 

Since Christmas is coming, it's time to get busy making presents. If you need a quick kid's gift idea to finish in an afternoon, felt food is simple and inexpensive. You could whip up a set of fruit and veggies, or toast and eggs, before Christmas. There are lots of free patterns online, and at our local fabric store they had 5 felt squares for $1. I have some polyfiber fill, which most craft stores carry for around $5, I think. 

Below I have instructions for the orange slices I made for Addy's birthday. For more ideas, this is a good start. 

For each slice, you will need one three inch in diameter circle, and one orange circle about 1/4 smaller. The "peel" is about 3 3/4 inch long and 1 1/4 at the widest part. I just cut a pattern piece from paper, traced it onto the felt, and cut. I made two, so I cut two of each from my pattern.

I handstitched the orange circle to the white first around the outer perimeter, and then sewed larger stitches with embroidery floss. They don't have to be perfect. 

Then, starting from the inside to hide my knot, I sewed small stitches around the outer peel and white circle piece. Before closing it all the way, I stuffed the orange with poly fiber fill, and then completed the sewing to close the hole. 

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