August 9, 2013

Home Again Home Again

  We've had lots of family and friends visiting the last couple months, and this is the first quiet night I have had in a long time. After all the busyness, I feel like I can't settle my brain to focus on what I need to catch up on around the house. Maybe I am a type Double A, as my friends tell me. I am almost positive I am. Sometimes its hard to let go of my mental list and relax. So tonight, before I folded another load of laundry, I grabbed my camera to capture the sunset. It warmed everything with a orangeish-yellow hue that made everything look sort of unreal. I love summer. Soaking up the sun on a sandy beach, hanging clothes on the line, watering the garden before the sweltering afternoon sun dries my flowers and tomatoes, picking fresh berries, sitting around a bonfire, wearing skirts and sandals, watching the kids chase butterflies. I am trying to enjoy every bit of it before fall begins and another school year starts. It always seems to fly by so quickly. 

I know I have been M.I.A. lately, but since I have several gifts to make, frequent posts will motivate me to stay on track. 

I hope your summer has been going well! 
Now I am trying to decide, fold that laundry or knit? 


  1. Such cute pictures of the kiddos! I don't want summer to end either :)

  2. I just woke up to pure blue sky, and thought, what a way to start the day. Summer is just energizing. Thanks Mary.