December 20, 2012

Gift Series Part 4- Spreading Joy to Neighbors

We spent all day yesterday baking cookies for our neighbors. By the end of the day, I admit, I was flustered and ready to put my feet up. The kids and I decided we HAD to sample a little bite of each cookie to make sure they were tasty enough to share. One bite of a Peppermint Bark Cookie, and all our effort was worthwhile! 

When we were younger, my brother's friend always brought us a plate of homemade goodies for Christmas. I loved seeing all her creations, partly because they were different than the amazing treats my aunt spoils us with every year. Can you tell I have a touch of a sweet tooth? 

The kids were so excited to deliver the plates to our neighbors. Ben rehearsed what he would say when they opened the door. I'm grateful for my little elves. Sometimes having three extra sets of hands in the kitchen is challenging, but I love how much they enjoy cooking and baking. 

What are some of your traditional holiday goodies?

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