December 17, 2012

Gift Series Part 3

 I can't believe how quickly time is flying. Christmas is almost here and I am still at the sewing machine trying to finish last minute odds and ends. I foresee a few late nights this week. And possibly a trip to the chiropractor for my neck which is out from lots of sewing!

 These jewelry organizers are about ready to ship across the country. I painted some frames I found at the thrift store, covered one in drop cloth, and dressed them up in ribbons and hooks.

 The oval frame on the left is meant for earrings, but I don't have my ears pierced, so I have no earrings to display. You get the idea. Just hang your earrings on the ribbon. I lost my upholstery tacks I had originally planned on using to hang the vintage lace ribbon in place, so instead I busted out the hot glue gun and secured it along the middle, making sure to leave the top free for the earrings to hang.

To hang necklaces and bracelets, you can also use cool knobs, and thrift stores are a great spot to find any sized frame for a reasonable price. If you know the recipient has a lot of jewelry, you could make one large frame or a collection of several smaller sizes. I'm sending this pair with one additional cast iron hook I found on Etsy for additional space to hang necklaces.

 Well, I hope you are getting close to ready for the holidays. Wish me luck. I'm off to work on gifts for the girls.

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