September 14, 2012

The Little Things

 You know how sometimes random little things make your day? Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment. My generous mother-in-law watched all three kids, taking them to get haircuts and have dinner with their aunt. Such a treat for all of us.

 Anyway, after the appointment, my husband and I stopped off at New Seasons supermarket to grab a few things. We stopped by the sample counter to pick up a few gluten-free recipes that caught my eye. The lady  told me about some of her favorite alternative flours, including this one. 

  I wanted to try it, but it was expensive. On our way through the check-out line, the "sample lady" came over with a bag as a gift for me to try. That never happens! So not only did I have the afternoon off, but I had a free bag of coconut flour to try. This was my first time in New Seasons, and they made quite an impression. What a day, what a day :) 

P.S.- I used the flour in my crepes this morning and it is fantastic. If you are in Vancouver on Saturday and are interested, there is a gluten-free fair at New Seasons. And no, I am not being paid to share this with you guys. Just a thought on how we can make people's day with small acts of kindness. 

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