October 10, 2011


We are fortunate enough to sit together for most of our meals. Our conversation usually goes a little something like this: 
Child 1: "Can I have more water Mama?"
Child 2 is pulling off her bib and I trade it out for a buttoned bib. Problem solved.
Child 3: "Is there anything else? This is not my favorite."
Mom: "This is what is for dinner. I can get you more of whatever it is we are eating after I get Child 1 some water. Just a minute. And how is everyone's day going? Look at the squirrel out back!"
All this while Child 2 is standing in her seat.

 I love taking time to enjoy some time around our small table, especially this time of year. Last night I got to make Taco Pie for dinner and Apple Crisp for desert. Comfort food. And I wanted dinner to be just as comfortable where we could all sit (and I mean sit) through a meal and enjoy each others' company. The kids were so excited to help prepare the meal. We made sure to have everything set out on the table, with extras, so no one would have to leave the table until we were finished. It was wonderful. That's why we are committing to making Sunday meals extra special with a few added details. Just like Sundays at Grandpa and Grandma's farm when I grew up. Presentation and lingering conversation. It is Sunday after all. Don't rush to clean up right away. Relax. It's fall.

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