June 18, 2014

Anna Maria Horner's Piece of Cake Dress

 Things have been busy around here. We just got back from a wedding in Park City, Utah. I can't stop daydreaming about the beautiful scenery. Incredibly beautiful. But here we are, back to work, and in a whirlwind. Like always. At least lately. My checklists each day seem to get longer and longer. Let me show you what I've been up to. 

 First on the list: make a dress for Evelyn to wear for the wedding. The last two sewing projects I tried, following my own patterns, did not turn out as I hoped. Both are awaiting readjustments. So when I chose to make a baby dress, I decided to follow a pattern rather than risk wasting time and fabric. I usually don't like following patterns. But Anna Maria Horner's Piece of Cake Dress did not fail me.  It's a quick sew, and what's even better, she has a video on You Tube you can follow if you get stuck. I was excited about this one. 

 Second on the list: make raspberry muffins with raspberries from the raspberry forest in our backyard. 

 Last cool thing on the list worth mentioning: loads and loads of laundry. One of my least favorite chores. And these pants were both grass stained. To remove them, I used some powder Oxy Clean, and some liquid gel Resolve. If a grass stain is dry, wet it to reactivate the stain. Then treat and let sit a few minutes before washing according to the garment's instructions. Here's the thing. When in doubt, I air dry any items in question. That way I won't set any stains in the dryer and can treat them again if necessary. This time, it worked like a charm. Two pair of pants were saved! On to the next. list of chores. It's seriously a challenge to keep up around this place. 

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