October 28, 2013

Door Knob Makeover

 Little inexpensive finishes can make a big difference.  Take,  for instance, our doors. Some of them badly chipped and worn, all adorned with gold handles, some with silver on one side. We made a trip to the hardware store to compare prices and explore our options. The least expensive handles in the style we liked were about eleven dollars each. We needed nine, so for about one hundred dollars, we could have all new handles. Or, we could lightly sand our existing handles with a fine grit sandpaper, spray with this:

  ...and have the style we liked for less than ten dollars total. Not bad. So my husband is patiently taking down all the doors in need of sanding and a fresh coat of paint, removing the handles, and turning this:

Into this!

And they are holding up great. All for 1/10 the cost. Love it.

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