April 12, 2013

Knitting Basics: How to Cast Off

 Things have been busy around here getting ready for baby. Less than a month until the due date and we are slowly but surely trying to cross things off the nesting list. I'm at the very exhausted and uncomfortable stage, so I'm starting to count down the days!

 This is the third part of the "Knitting Basics" series. Casting off is the final step to bind off your project and keep it from unraveling. 

 I knit a few rows just for the purpose of demonstration. 

1. When you've knit all your rows, knit two stitches onto your right hand needle.

2. Slide the tip of your left hand needle under the second stitch from the tip of the right hand needle. 

3. Using the tip of your left needle, pull the stitch over the first stitch on your right needle.

4. Let the second stitch fall off the right needle. Pull the string from your ball of yarn to tighten. Now you will be left with one stitch on your right needle. Knit another stitch onto the right needle and repeat steps 2-4 until you reach the last stitch. 

Half-way through the row. 

Pull the stitch off the needle, and pull the string from the ball of yarn to form a larger loop. 

Cut a tail of yarn from the ball. Knot the strand through the final stitch to secure your work. 

Weave the tail through a few rows of stitches, and then have a cup of tea. Mission complete!

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