July 25, 2012

A Change

So today I had to go to the doctor to check out some health concerns I've had. A friend referred me to a local team of naturopathic physicians who can hopefully solve the riddle of what is going on with my body. No, it's nothing life threatening. Just stuff that needs some minor attention.

 Step one of the diagnostic is to change my diet. I've already made some alterations to my grocery list, but this is stepping up my game. Jeepers. This means I'm going to have to get creative. For at least one month I have to say good-bye to some foods and beverages that I hold near and dear. It'll be good for me. I've found some great food blogs, two of which you can find in my blog list, that will help me find new ways of cooking and baking.

 Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

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