July 15, 2011

D.I.Y. Envelope Style Pillow Cover

It all started with this:

My friend made me this cute flower for my birthday. Bonus: she taught me how to make these flowers, not knowing that I have been wanting to learn since I saw this. I sewed the flower onto a pillow cover I made, and it currently resides in the living room. Perfect for summer.
The envelope style pillow cover is a great alternative for those of us without a zipper foot for their sewing machine (or for anyone wanting to make a quick change in decor). Just slide the cover off when the pillow gets a bit dirty and toss it in the wash. Easy. I simply grabbed an old pillow I have been wanting to recover. Then I headed to my fabric stash and found something to match the flower. 

This pillow measures 16" square. So to begin, I cut 1 pillow front 17x17"  (an extra inch to allow for my 1/2" seam.)

My next step was to cut out the pillow backs. This requires 2 pieces measuring 17x10" each.
For each 17x10"piece, press 1/2" seam onto the wrong side on the 17" edge. Repeat so that you have folded the edge over twice and pressed.

Topstitch along the inner fold of the finished edge.

To assemble the pieces for the cover, lay the front piece on a flat surface right side up. Lay one of the back pieces right side down, placing the raw edges together and the finished hem toward the middle of the pillow. Repeat with the second piece for the back. It will overlap the first piece in the center. Pin the pieces together around the edges of the pillow.

Using a 1/2" seam, sew the layers together around the entire pillow perimeter. Clip the corners, pull out the pins, and turn your handiwork right side out to admire. Insert the pillow and jazz up the living room with something homemade.

 Here's the back, and ta da! Here is the front in all her glory.

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