June 14, 2011

Garden Progress

 To those of you who have been gardening for years, this may not come as a surprise, but gardening is really fun. This year has been especially exciting because we have visible results. The garden is in, the hot tub is sold, and several flowers seem to be quite happy in their new home.

 I am planning a new bed for the front yard. It seems that if you want your garden to be beautiful for three full seasons, you need to evenly disperse spring, summer and fall plants.

 So, while designing this bed space, I need to figure out  which plants do well in full sun (six hours of sun a day). I need to factor in height and how to distribute accordingly. I am determined to stick with perennials so I can save some cash, so another thing to consider is which perennials will survive in moist soil. So far my list includes Shasta Daisies, Salvia, and Echinacea for spring/ summer, and Black Eyed Susans and Mums for fall. Next year we might even get lilacs and butterfly bushes? There are several herbs I could not fit in the garden, so they might be added to this space. So fun.

 I know it takes several years for everything to be established, but I think we are off to a good start. I enjoy the planning as much as the planting. I'd say gardening is right up there with sewing in my list of fun hobbies. Yup, it's that serious. Thanks for following our progress.

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